We are a multi-generational group of people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, who have chosen to come together each week to worship the Lord Jesus, pursue authentic relationships, and enjoy loving community.  It is our sincere hope to bring glory to God through all that we do and we invite you to come and worship with us.

What are Sundays like?


Each service begins with a time of singing together. We sing songs of invitation, adoration, and thanksgiving. We proclaim our awareness and need of God and we rejoice in the wonderful relationship we have with God because of the saving work of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Together, we adore and praise Him.


We receive the word of God, through the preaching of the Bible. The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ and the new life we have in Him. Each service includes this public proclamation and teaching from God’s word and instruction regarding how life with Jesus impacts day to day living.


We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month. We remember the cost of our sin, the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf, and the joy and hope of new life in His name. We pass the elements and invite believers to enjoy this simple meal together.

Service Times

9:00 am - Contemporary Service, Sunday School​ for babies-adult

10:45 am - Traditional Service, Children's Church for babies-6th grade


We hope your first visit is pleasant and good for your soul. Here are a couple tips for making things go smoothly. We have parking in the front and behind the church. If these spaces are full, we recommend parking at Union Hill School. When you arrive, you'll find a group of friendly people to greet you. You'll also find our Welcome Center located to the left of the sanctuary, where you can find out more information about our church. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to meeting you.


Do you have children? We do too. We offer full Sunday School for children in the nursery through high school during the 9:00 am service. You can check in and drop off your young children (nursery - 2nd grade) in their classrooms to the right of the sanctuary. Older children (3rd - 12th grade) have their classrooms to the left of the sanctuary. Junior High meets upstairs at the end of the hall. To find the High School room, turn right at the end of the hall and keep going past the gym.

During the 10:45 am service we offer a Children’s Church for kids in the nursery through 8th grade. Again, babies - 2nd grade have their classroom to the right of the sanctuary and 3rd - 8th grade have their classroom to the left of the sanctuary.

New to Church

If you are new to church, don’t worry, you are welcome here. Please just take a seat in the sanctuary and follow along. Our leaders on stage will make it clear when we stand or sit, when we sing or when we listen. When you first begin visiting, please let the offering bag simply pass by. We trust the Lord to provide through those who call Calvary Bible Church their church home. Until it’s your church home too, let the service be a gift to you. If you need a Bible, we provide Bibles in the pew racks. If you don’t own a Bible, please take one home as a gift. After the sermon you’ll receive a benediction (a closing statement) and then you’ll be dismissed. Many people gather in the gym for coffee and cookies. This is a great time to meet people and catch up with friends. We hope to see you this Sunday.

Our Mission
Calvary Bible Church exists
to glorify God 
by making disciples 
of all nations.
Our Mission
Calvary Bible Church exists
to glorify God 
by making disciples 
of all nations.

Our Beliefs

Doctrinal Statement

Why Doctrine Matters:

 "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." 

~ A. W. Tozer

Our Beliefs - Doctrinal Statement

~ Concerning the Bible
~ Concerning God
~ God the Father
~ God the Son
~ God the Holy Spirit
~ Concerning Man and His Need
~ Concerning Redemption
~ Man's Response to God
~ The Christian's Responsibility
~ Marriage and Sexuality
~ Concerning the Church
~ Concerning the Future
Why Doctrine Matters:

 "What comes into our minds when we think about God
is the most important thing about us." 

~ A. W. Tozer

Every day, our world and culture shout out many contrasting philosophies and opinions about God in an attempt to define who He is. If we look to our society to frame our understanding of God’s character, we will be severely misguided. The history of the Israelites, seen in the Old Testament, points to the dangerous consequences of following such philosophies and opinions, and losing sight of who God actually is. Therefore, sound doctrine matters. God, through Scripture, reveals to us everything that we need to know about Him. This is the foundation of truth that guides the Church in knowing God and wholly worshipping Him.



Many people ask two questions: 

"Where do I begin?" and 

"What’s next?"

The intent of our priorities is to answer these questions and to help you along as you walk with God.



Sunday Service

The first step in following Jesus is learning and growing in the grace of God. We see this happening first and foremost on Sunday mornings. This is the regular gathering of God’s people to worship God together.


to a Small Group

The next step is committing to the church and to growing in your walk with God. We encourage those who want to take the next step to be members of our church and secondly, to commit to a small group. Small groups are a great way to know, be known, and to grow in our relationship with God.


in Your Gifting

The next step is serving. There are many opportunities to serve and further the gospel in our church, in our community, and in our world. Be a disciple maker. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Consider your participation in the local church as a producer rather than a consumer.


for Families

At Calvary Bible Church we desire to see church and family work together in the discipleship of children. We view parents as the primary faith trainers and the church supports and supplements their work. We call this:

Family Faith Milestones.


Baptism signifies our new life in Christ. It beautifully illustrates two wonderful truths: 1) The death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2) The truth that our "old man" is dead and buried and we are a new creation with a new life in Jesus Christ.  Baptism does not save us. Rather, it is a response in the present to what God has done in the past. It is an outward expression of an inward faith in Jesus.  We encourage each believer to be baptized.

Our next baptism is:

July 11th, 2020

at Family Camp


As Christians, we are members of God’s household (Ephesians 2:19) called to function, participate, and minister in a particular place within the body of Christ. A healthy body requires that each member do its part well. A healthy church requires the same: members who are sacrificially committed and well-equipped to do the works of service that God has prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10; 4:12). Calvary Bible Church holds its members in high regard; we expect them to lead as missionaries of the gospel to our church, our community and the world. God, in his sovereignty, placed us in this location, among these people, in this century, for a reason (Acts 17:26-27).




In the household of God, elders are called to fulfill a special ministry exemplifying the character of Christ through serving. Within that role of serving, elders watch over the general welfare of the congregation and determine the spiritual and growth needs of the flock.  Elders look ahead prayerfully to the future in order to determine the direction of ministry that would most honor God and encourage maturity in His people.  Elders also stand alongside ministry staff, sharing in the workload and providing counsel.  They actively participate in serving communion and praying for the congregation.

back row: Steve Belch, Craig McAtee, Bo Salisbury,

front row: Tom Griffith, Jim Schuessler, Scott Gallagher, Ricardo Flores, Ken Goforth

not pictured: Duane Davidson, Brian Dougherty, Matt Larson, Darrell Thacker, Jason Wood


Ministry Staff

Scott Gallagher

Lead Pastor

Steve Belch


Matt Larson

Pastor of Adults

and Families

Jason Wood

Pastor of Students

and Families

Brian Dougherty

Worship Pastor

Nancy Kerler

Director of Women's Ministries

Jana Huntsinger

Director of Children
and Families

Jen Thomas

Traditional Worship Leader

Administrative Staff

Kristin Hahner

Church Administrator

Andrea Arbaugh

Ministry Assistant

Lisa Shisler

Office Assistant

Cynthia Nulph


Lead Custodian

Jennie Groves



In the household of God, Deacons are called to fulfill special ministry exemplifying the character of Christ through serving. The New Testament makes it clear, a Deacon is to be alert to physical needs of members and others affiliated with the church fellowship. They are to be alert to needs such as ill health, financial setbacks, individuals lacking adequate support materially or socially, and specifically for widows and orphans. Deacons either move directly to meet such needs and/or mobilize other members to help.

back row: Tim Gizzi, Mark Paulson, Scott Murray, Marshall Holober

front row: Sean Dunbar, Brian Coalson, Kitt Navo, Bill Balmain, Larry Purciel,

not pictured: Garritt Cox, RJ Liller, 


In the household of God, deaconesses are called to fulfill a special ministry exemplifying the character of Christ in serving. Within that role of serving, deaconesses are to assist the elders, deacons, and the church body by helping where needed.

back row: Anita Mills, Jennifer Murray, Carrie Cummins, Esther Lilly, Jill Paulsen, Pat Towne

front row: Bonnie Rekers, Jessy O'Brien, Karen Zubetz, Donna Lichti, Sue Holober, Pattie Hong, Nancy Musselman

not pictured: Marilyn Bergen

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